Often asked: How Many Syns In A Packet Of French Fries?

How many SYNS are in a pack of Walkers French Fries?

Walkers are 6.5 syns for a 25g bag. French fries are 4.5 syns for an 18g bag.

How many SYNS are french fries crisps?

5 to 1 syn.

What are the lowest syn crisps?

  • Walkers Crisps Oven Baked Crisps, 50% Less Fat, all varieties (25g bag) – 5.5 syns.
  • Walkers Crisps Doritos Corn Chips, all varieties (25g) – 5 syns.
  • Walkers Crisps Wotsits, Really Cheesy (16.5g bag) – 4.5 syns.
  • Walkers Crisps Wotsits, Really Cheesy (22.5g bag) – 6 syns.

How many SYNS are in a packet of quavers?

Slimming World syns for Crisps – 5 syns or less French fries are 4 syns for an 18g bag, 4.5 for a 21g bag. Quavers are 4.5 syns for a 16g bag and 5.5 for a 20g bag.

How many SYNS is a Kit Kat?

1 syn per 20 calories as it has no free food in it.

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How many SYNS are in quavers 2020?

Snacks: Slimming World mini quiches made with cottage cheese, and a 16g bag of Walkers Quavers (4½ Syns ).

How many SYNS is a banana?

Bananas are syn free and can be paired with daily meal ideas such as bananas on Weetabix or bananas on toast, however, when you mash or puree bananas they will count a 4 syns, the reasoning behind this that mashed bananas are easy to overeat and might spike your blood sugar quicker.

How many SYNS is a Jaffa cake?

5 – Jaffa Cakes (2 – 2.5 Syns )

How many SYNS is a Caramel Snack a Jack?

Kayley Anne: Caramel snack-a-jacks are 2.5 syns for the large ones.

What’s the best crisps to eat on slimming world?

Crisps Slimming World List

  • ALDI. Aldi Be Light Satin Crunch Crisps, Cheese & Onion (25g bag) – 5 Syns.
  • ASDA. ASDA Cheese Curls, Multipack, 17g bag – 4.5 syns.
  • BOOTS. Boots Delicious Olive & Balsamic Crisps (45g bag) – 11.5 Syns.
  • BURT’S.
  • CO-OP.
  • JACOB’S.

How many SYNS a day are you allowed?

Step 3 – Choose Syns But Syns also includes foods found in the Healthy Extras, allowing you to eat bigger portions of these foods if you want them. Regardless of the plan you choose to follow, you are allowed five to 15 Syns a day.

How many SYNS are onion rings crisps?

For snacks like this you can go by the guide of 1 syn for every 20 calories so they would be 3.5 to 4 syns a bag.

How many SYNS are Pringles?

10.5 syns for 40g.

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How many SYNS is a mug shot?

Under the new rules the Mug Shots range from one syn to up to 5.5 for the Mug Shots Sensations Mac & Cheese while the Batchelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce ranges from a half to six for the Tuscan Sausage variety.

How many SYNS is ringos?

Ringos cheese and onion 14g bag – 3.5 syns Ringos sweet chilli 12.5g bag – 3syns myslimmingworldjourney sw slimm…

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