FAQ: How Did Anthony Burger Die?

Where is Anthony Burger buried?

Musician. He played for “The Celestials”, “The Kingsmen Quartet” and with “The Gaither Homecoming Tour”. Anthony John Burger.

Birth 5 Jun 1961 Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Sunset Memorial Gardens Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee, USA

Who was Anthony Burger married to?

Mr. Burger is survived by his wife, LuAnn, two sons and a daughter.

What song was Anthony Burger playing when he passed away?

Burger was playing “ We Shall Behold Him” on a Bill Gaither Homecoming cruise in the Caribbean when he suffered an apparent heart attack, collapsed and died.

What religion are the Gaithers?

Bill and Gloria Gaither are giants in the Christian music world, with more than 700 gospel songs credited to them in their multi-decade career. They were named ASCAP’s Christian Songwriters of the Century in 2000.

Why does Guy Penrod wear his hair long?

Gaither and Penrod begin the DVD with some candid discussion about Penrod’s sometimes controversial look. We hear why he wears his hair long, whose idea it was for him to sport the long coats on stage, etc. The discussion then moves to his family life, his farm, and other personal interests.

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What caused Anthony burgers heart attack?

Death. On February 22, 2006, at the age of 44, Burger died of a massive heart attack after performing aboard the MS Zuiderdam, a cruise ship chartered for a Gaither Gospel Cruise.

Who is Janet Paschal’s sister?

She, her sister Kay Loftis and cousin Nancy Hall formed The Gospel Classics trio, singing and traveling around the area. Shortly after turning 18, Paschal was contacted by Harold Townsend, pastor at Lawsonville Road Church where the LeFevres were doing a concert.

Did Michael and Marcie English divorce?

Shortly after their affair became public, she announced that she’d had a miscarriage. Once they were both separated from their respective spouses, he says, they tried to get back together. But her career, like his, was irrevocably damaged, and things just didn’t work out. English finally got his divorce.

What happened to Mary Ann Gaither?

Her death was the result of complications from a pulmonary infection. All at the Gaither sites are celebrating her amazing energy, enduring spirit and zest for life!

Where is Bill Gaither now?

Bill and Gloria live in Alexandria, Indiana, and have three grown children.

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