FAQ: How Many Syns In Kfc Mini Fillet Burger?

What can I eat from KFC on slimming world?

KFC Slimming World List

  • Syn Free: BBQ Beans – FREE.
  • Box Meals: Because the box meals are available in different sizes and with different sides/drinks..
  • Burgers: KFC The Dirty Louisiana Burger – 36.7 Syns.
  • Chicken: KFC Chicken Boneless Mini Fillet – 3 Syns.
  • Riceboxes: KFC Original Recipe Ricebox – 10.5 Syns.
  • Wraps:

How much is a KFC mini fillet burger?

KFC Prices UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
Mini Fillet Burger 1.49
Popcorn Chicken (Small) 1.99
Popcorn Chicken (Regular) 3.29
BBQ Wrap 1.49


What is a KFC mini fillet?

Our 100% chicken breast Mini Fillet burger with fresh lettuce and pepper mayo. Ideal for little appetites.

How many SYNS is a chicken fillet?

Slimming World Zinger Chicken Fillet – 2 Syns.

How many SYNS is a Mcdonald’s Big Mac?

McDonalds Slimming World Syn Guide

McDonalds Dressing Balsamic (30g sachet)
McDonalds Main Menu Chicken Selects (5 pieces) 19
McDonalds Main Menu Mayo Chicken (each) 16
McDonalds Main Menu Mozzarella Dippers (per portion) 13½
McDonalds Main Menu Big Mac (each) 25½
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How many SYNS is a KFC?

KFC Syns – Slimming World – Updated 31st January 2017

Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken (each) ½
Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken (1 regular) 9
Kentucky Fried Chicken Mini Fillet Burger (each) 14
Kentucky Fried Chicken Toasted Twister, Original (each) 24
Kentucky Fried Chicken Big Daddy Burger (each) 32½


How much is a KFC fillet burger on its own?

KFC UK Menu Prices

Food Price
Fillet £4.79
Zinger £4.79
Fillet Tower £4.99


How much is a 10 piece bargain bucket at KFC?

As part of the launch for new Extra Crispy Boneless Chicken, KFC is offering the 10 – piece Favorites Bucket for $12.99.

How many calories are in a KFC mini fillet burger?

288 Calories

Fat 10.7 g
Carbs 29.1 g
Protein 18 g

How much is KFC 10 mini fillets?

10 KFC Mini Fillets for £4.99.

What is KFC 10 piece bucket?

A bumper bargain bucket of ten pieces of our famous Original Recipe chicken pieces, with four regular fries. A feast fit for the whole family.

What is in a KFC fillet burger?

If you’ve never tried one, a Fillet Tower burger contains a piece of original recipe chicken breast, topped with a hash brown, salad, cheese and tomato sauce. As you’re paying for a meal, you’ll get regular fries and a drink too.

Are KFC beans syn free?

But for all the other components of a KFC feast, here are the recipes below: Syn Free No Added Sugar Baked Beans | Slimming World. Buttered Corn on the Cob.

How many SYNS a day are you allowed?

Step 3 – Choose Syns But Syns also includes foods found in the Healthy Extras, allowing you to eat bigger portions of these foods if you want them. Regardless of the plan you choose to follow, you are allowed five to 15 Syns a day.

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How many SYNS is a KFC Double Down?

Just to recap, this entire burger, including the BBQ sauce is just one syn! Although the real version has not been given a syn value yet, it is 513 calories according to KFC which is a hefty number and when you think about the syns from the coating, grease, sauce and fatty bacon…

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