FAQ: What Toy Is At Burger King?

What toys are available at Burger King right now?

Nintendo-themed toys now available at Burger King

  • “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”
  • “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”
  • “Luigi’s Mansion 3”
  • “Super Mario Maker 2”
  • “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”
  • “Splatoon 2”

Do you get a toy at Burger King?

As it’s been since the beginning of fast food kids meals, every Burger King ” King Jr” meal comes with one randomly chosen Nintendo toy, unless of course you ‘re like me and aren’t ashamed to ask for the one you want.

What comes in a Burger King Happy Meal?

Meals come with your choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, or small chicken nuggets, as well as a small drink and small french fries. You can substitute the fries for a small garden salad or Mott’s Fruitsations apple sauce, but let’s be honest, your kids are probably going to get the fries.

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Are Burger King toys worth anything?

Just like the ones at Mickey D’s, the small children’s collectibles at Burger King can be worth quite a bit of money. And thanks to some collectors on eBay, there are a few old Burger King toys still in perfect condition. But unlike valuable Pokémon cards, BK prizes went under the radar.

Does the Super Mario meal come with a toy?

kids’ meal and a new Super Mario Meal comes with a toy. That comes with a Nintendo Switch and a copy of the upcoming Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. A Super Mario Meal comes with a Whopper sandwich, small fries and small fountain drink.

What is the Burger King Super Mario meal?

The Super Mario Meal comes with one Whopper Sandwich, an order of small French fries, a small soft drink, and one entry into the BK Game System Giveaway Sweepstakes, all for just $5.

Does Burger King have an unhappy meal?

The options include the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, Yaaas Meal, and DGAF Meal. Burger King has launched a range of burger meals that focus on “real” moods.

Are Burger King fries vegan?

The fries themselves at Burger King are vegan. Like most fast food places, the fries may share a fryer with non- vegan food.

Does BK do breakfast?

While Burger King isn’t known for their breakfast menu, they’ve been serving breakfast since 1979. In fact, of the leading fast food chains today, only McDonald’s has a longer history of serving America breakfast. But despite marketing breakfast items for 40 years, Burger King has never been able to get much traction.

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Does Burger King Have a Happy Meal for kids?

Burger King Is Offering 2 Free Kids Meals With Every Order Kids can choose from a chicken kids meal, a cheeseburger kids meal or a six-piece chicken nuggets kids meal. Although Burger King will also be offering free delivery on orders of $10 or more placed via the app.

How much is a small drink from Burger King?

Burger King Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Fountain Drink Small $1.79
Fountain Drink Medium $2.09
Fountain Drink Large $2.39
Orange Juice $1.69


Does McDonalds still put toys in Happy Meals?

Since 1979, Happy Meals have come with all kinds of toys, many of them movie tie-ins. If you were a kid in the years between 1979 and 2000, Happy Meal toys may still have a special place in your heart. They may even have a place in your investment strategy, as they are sought-after collectibles.

What is the most valuable McDonald’s Happy Meal toy?

These are the 15 most expensive Happy Meal toys:

  • Hot Wheels (1983) Estimated Value: $40.
  • Clone Wars Happy Meal Box (2008) Estimated Value: $50.
  • Transforming Food (1987 & 1989) Estimated Value: $70.
  • Potato Head Kids (1987) Estimated Value: $100.
  • Jerry the Minion (2013)
  • Furby (2000)
  • Snoopy (2000)
  • 101 Dalmatians (1996)

What are the most valuable Burger King toys?

10 Incredible Expensive Burger King Toys That Might Be Lying In Your Attic

  1. 1 Pokémon Set of 59 – $325.
  2. 2 Pokémon Set of 57 – $325.
  3. 3 The Simpsons Movie Set of 16 – $135.
  4. 4 SpongeBob: Lost in Time Set of 20 – $110.
  5. 5 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – $100.
  6. 6 The Rugrats Movie Set – $90.
  7. 7 Wii U Set – $75.
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Why did McDonald’s stop selling Disney cups?

Fears about cadmium exposure prompted McDonald’s on Friday to announce a costly recall of 12 million promotional drink glasses featuring cartoon characters from the movie “Shrek Forever After.” The paint on the glasses, which were sold for $2 each, contained traces of cadmium, which can cause cancer and other ailments.

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