How Many Calories In A Whopper Meal Burger King?

How many calories are in a Burger King meal?

Health Tips: Combo meals – Whopper combo meals total more than 1,000 calories and containing roughly 1,500mg of sodium. Burger alternatives – include chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and fish. Selecting chicken or fish reduces overall calorie count.

How many calories is in a Whopper with cheese meal?

A regular size Whopper with cheese contains 790 calories, while a double Whopper with cheese clocks in at 1,061 calories. If you add fries on the side, you’re looking at an additional 207 to 448 calories, depending on which size you choose.

How many calories are in a Burger King Double Whopper meal?

The Double Whopper Sandwich is a pairing of two ¼ lb flame-grilled beef patties topped with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and sliced white onions on a sesame seed bun. That burger alone has a whopping 850 calories in it.

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How many calories are in a Whopper Jr meal?

Burger King Whopper Jrs contain between 315-380 calories, depending on your choice of options. Choose from the options below to see the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information. Whopper Jr w/ Cheese.

Serving Size 159g
Calories 380
Calories From Fat 210

What is the lowest calorie food at Burger King?

  • 6pt Chicken Nuggets: 260.
  • Chicken Fries: 280.
  • 6pc Spicy Chicken Nuggets: 320.
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr.: 390.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 430.
  • Crispy Chicken Jr.: 450.
  • BIG FISH Sandwich: 510.
  • 4pc Crispy Chicken Tenders: 540.

What is the lowest calorie meal at Burger King?

Believe it or not, there are many low- calorie items at Burger King. Our favorite is the Tendergrill chicken sandwich without mayo.

How many calories should I be eating to lose weight?

And if you eat fewer calories and burn more calories through physical activity, you lose weight. In general, if you cut 500 to 1,000 calories a day from your typical diet, you’ll lose about 1 pound (0.5 kilogram) a week.

Is McDonald’s healthier than Burger King?

Burger King Wins With 720 milligrams of sodium, it’s also a better choice when it comes to sodium content. The Burger King cheeseburger contains more protein than McDonald’s, as well, with 22 grams, which is almost half of the 46 grams of protein women need each day and 40 percent of the 56 grams men require every day.

Which Burger King Whopper has the most calories?

The original Whopper clocks in at 660 calories (more than half of them coming from fat), 40 grams of fat, and 28 grams of protein. The Impossible Whopper comes in at 630 calories (again, half from fat), 34 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein.

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How many calories does a Double Whopper with cheese?

There are 1002 calories in a Double Whopper w/ Cheese from Burger King.

How much is a large double whopper meal?

Burger King Menu & Prices 2021

Food Price
Main Menu Combo Meals Come with Small Fries and Small Drink. Upgrade to Medium for $0.69 or Large for $1.20
Whopper $4.19
Whopper – Meal $6.49
Double Whopper $5.29


Is a whopper healthier than a Big Mac?

The Whopper has an astounding amount of calories at 660, while the Big Mac has 540 calories. fat and saturated fat categories, the Big Mac wins narrowly with 1g and 10g while the Whopper has 1.5g of trans. fat and 12g of saturated fat. So far, the Big Mac is surprisingly the healthier choice.

How many calories in a Whopper Jr without mayo?

Burger King’s Whopper Jr. Sandwich without Mayo Each burger ( without mayo ) has 240 calories, 10g fat, 27g carbs, 1g fiber, 10g protein and a PointsPlus® value of 6.

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