Often asked: How Many Syns In A Zinger Tower Burger?

How many SYNS is a KFC Zinger Burger?

KFC Syns – Slimming World – Updated 31st January 2017

Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn Chicken (each) ½
Kentucky Fried Chicken Maltesers Krushems (each) 15½
Kentucky Fried Chicken Fries (1 large) 13
Kentucky Fried Chicken Coleslaw (1 regular)
Kentucky Fried Chicken Zinger Burger (each) 22½


What can I eat from KFC on slimming world?

KFC Slimming World List

  • Syn Free: BBQ Beans – FREE.
  • Box Meals: Because the box meals are available in different sizes and with different sides/drinks..
  • Burgers: KFC The Dirty Louisiana Burger – 36.7 Syns.
  • Chicken: KFC Chicken Boneless Mini Fillet – 3 Syns.
  • Riceboxes: KFC Original Recipe Ricebox – 10.5 Syns.
  • Wraps:

Is a zinger burger healthy?

Oooh yeah!” The Zinger Stacker Burger packs in 3013kJ of energy, 37.2g of fat, 55.7g of carbs, 12.9g of sugars and 2285mg of sodium. It has 54.9g of protein. What to eat instead: All of KFCs burgers are pretty out there – their patties are battered and deep fried with no grilled chicken options to choose from.

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What’s in a KFC Zinger Tower Burger?

Our 100% chicken breast Fillet burger with a spicy crunch, topped with hashbrown, cheese and fiery salsa. The big burger with the spine-tingling Zing. With regular fries and a drink.

How many SYNS is a Mcdonald’s Big Mac?

McDonalds Slimming World Syn Guide

McDonalds Dressing Balsamic (30g sachet)
McDonalds Main Menu Chicken Selects (5 pieces) 19
McDonalds Main Menu Mayo Chicken (each) 16
McDonalds Main Menu Mozzarella Dippers (per portion) 13½
McDonalds Main Menu Big Mac (each) 25½


How many SYNS is a KFC chicken fillet?

Original Recipe Fillet Burger – 22 syns.

Are KFC beans syn free?

But for all the other components of a KFC feast, here are the recipes below: Syn Free No Added Sugar Baked Beans | Slimming World. Buttered Corn on the Cob.

How many SYNS a day are you allowed?

Step 3 – Choose Syns But Syns also includes foods found in the Healthy Extras, allowing you to eat bigger portions of these foods if you want them. Regardless of the plan you choose to follow, you are allowed five to 15 Syns a day.

How many SYNS are Pringles?

10.5 syns for 40g.

Is Grilled healthier than McDonald’s?

Grill ‘d vs McDonald’s The New Daily compared the nutritional content in the Grill ‘d and McDonald’s standard burger and chips, and the results may surprise you. The Grill ‘d burger is worse in every nutritional category including fat and sugars, and contains half the recommended daily intake of salt.

Is KFC chicken healthy?

KFC: Healthiest If you want chicken at KFC but want to keep it healthy, go with their Kentucky Grilled Chicken. A breast contains 210 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 130 milligrams of cholesterol, and 710 milligrams of sodium.

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How many calories is zinger burger?

Zinger Burger (1 serving) contains 43g of carbs, 28g of protein, 18g of fat, and 425.2 calories.

How much is a KFC Zinger Tower Burger?

KFC UK Menu Prices

Food Price
Fillet £4.79
Zinger £4.79
Fillet Tower £4.99
Zinger Tower £4.89


How much is a KFC Zinger Tower Box meal?

KFC Prices UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
Zinger Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings 6.49
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken 7.09
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings 7.09
Includes Burger, Fries, Chicken, Side & Drink


Does the Zinger Tower Burger have mayo?

Order a Zinger Tower burger without the mayo and salsa, a Mini Fillet burger without the mayo, a pot of gravy and the Garlic Mayo dip. Remove the top bap of the Zinger Tower burger and immediately remove all contents, including the hashbrown and cheese to ensure it doesn’t melt onto the Zinger Fillet.

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