Often asked: What Is In A Big Daddy Burger Kfc?

What is a daddy burger?

The Original Recipe 100% chicken breast Fillet burger, fresh lettuce, pepper mayo, tomato ketchup with a hash brown and bacon. A big burger for a big appetite.

What is the biggest burger at KFC?

KFC has launched The Triple Stacker, which is being touted as their ‘ biggest burger ever’. The monster burger is made with three Zinger fillets, layers of bacon and cheese and a chilli relish sauce.

How many calories are in a Big Daddy meal?


Calories 1260 (5272 kJ)
Fat 60.2 g 86%
Saturated Fat 10.4 g 52%
Carbohydrate 110.1 g
Sugars 11.4 g

What is KFC Zinger Burger?

Our simple, succulent 100% chicken breast Fillet burger, plus spine-tingling Zing. With regular fries and a regular drink.

Are KFC doing Big Daddy?

The Big Daddy from KFC is essentially a variation on the Fillet Tower burger, with the chicken fillet, cheese, hash Brown, lettuce etc. The differences are that it includes bacon, fresh tomato and peppery mayo. The box is the same as provided for the Fillet Burger.

How much is KFC Big Daddy?

KFC Prices UK 2021

KFC Prices UK 2021
Big Daddy Burger 4.69
Zinger Stacker Burger 5.49
KFC Snacking
2 Hot Wings 0.99
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How many calories are in a KFC gravy burger box meal?


Calories 1215 (5084 kJ)
% RI*
Fat 63.8 g 91%
Saturated Fat 8.4 g 42%
Carbohydrate 103.4 g

How many calories are in a KFC trilogy box?

1200 Calories

Fat 46.1 g
Carbs 136.2 g
Protein 59.1 g

Does a KFC Zinger Burger have mayo?

The new fast food gem sees an original recipe fillet paired with a spicy zinger one for the first time ever, as well as a hash brown, cheese, garlic mayo and gravy for good measure.

What Mayo does KFC use?

Yes Heinz is what they use, even if it isn’t explicit as in BK, they use it. As for KFC, you could make it yourself thanks to the Chicago Tribune.

How spicy is a zinger burger?

The flavor of the spice is indiscernible, and the ingredients remain a mystery for now.

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