Question: How Much Is The Leon Love Burger?

How much is a Leon LOVe burger?

The LOVe Burger is available now at LEON and is priced at £5.75.

What is in the Leon LOVe burger?

What the world needs now. A vegan burger topped with our LOVe Burger sauce, mustard mayo, tomatoes, pickles and a slice of smoked Gouda-style vegan cheeze.

What vegan burgers do LEON use?

Leon’s most popular vegan product is its LOVE burger, which is made from a beetroot soya patty that is topped with smoked gouda-style vegan cheese, tomatoes and pickles. In second place is the chain’s new chipotle and avocado burger, which is currently outperforming its predicted sales forecast by 57 per cent.

Is Leon vegan?

From the home of healthy fast food, Leon Fast Vegan is all about delicious food, which just happens to be vegan. Part two, On the Side, features sauces, dressings, nourishing side dishes and scrumptious breads, and part three, Sweet, gives vegan options for desserts and cakes.

Is Leon actually healthy?

Most salads at Leon are nutritionally balanced and the sides on offer such as the fresh pea salad or baked potatoes are great low fat and low sugar additions. As delicious as the grilled Chaloumi wrap is, it has almost double the saturated fats of other wraps and burgers – so keep it as a Friday treat!

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Does Leon serve alcohol?

You are served at a counter, take the order in a cardboard box to a pretty basic table and tackle it with plastic cutlery. Leon restaurants also open in the evenings, with waiter service, plates and cutlery, and even alcohol served in some branches.

Is Leon ketchup vegan?

Fire up your vegan meal times with this unforgettable spicy ketchup by Leon. Using 100% plant-based, carefully selected natural ingredients including cumin, mangoes and tomatoes, Leon have created the perfect sauce with a little “kick” for your vegan burgers, chips, fake bacon, and so much more.

Are Leon sauces vegan?

In addition, Leon has also launched three vegan sauces: LOVe Burger Sauce, Korean Chilli Mayo and Harissa & Sundried Aioli.

What Rice does Leon use?

LEON on Twitter: “@RacheJ We use Italian brown rice, Rachel.”

Does Leon do NHS discount?

We’ve normally offered NHS staff 15% off, but with emergency services workers are toiling around the clock for the forseeable future. We want to help them with 30% off, and support those who work in emergency services near to LEON restaurants with free food deliveries.

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