Quick Answer: How Many Calories In A Fuddruckers Burger?

How many calories are in a Fuddruckers hamburger?

Calories Total Fat (g)
Hamburger 580 32

How many calories are in a Fuddruckers 1/3 burger?

There are 561 calories in 1 burger of Fuddruckers 1/3 lb Hamburger.

How much calories is Fuddruckers?

Fuddruckers Nutrition Facts

Food Calories
1 lb Original Burger with White Large Bun 1390 >
1/2 lb Bacon Cheddar Burger with Wheat Large Bun 910 >
1/2 lb Bacon Cheddar Burger with White Large Bun 1010 >
1/2 lb BBQ Burger with White Large Bun 1000 >


How many calories are in Fuddruckers fries?

Calories 570
Trans Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Total Carbs (g) 48
Sugars (g) 1

What is the biggest burger at Fuddruckers?

Foxwoods Executive Sous Chef Scott Ferguson made the world’s largest commercially available hamburger Thursday — weighing 29.6 pounds and costing $250 — for the Fuddruckers restaurant in the casino.

How many calories are in a Fuddruckers grilled chicken sandwich?

Calories 550
Cholesterol (mg) 161
Total Carbs (g) 41
Sugars (g) 5
Protein (g) 46
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How many calories are in a 1/3 pound hamburger?

H‑E‑B Ground Sirloin 1/3 lb Beef Patties 90% Lean

Calories 270
Calories from Fat 140

How many calories are in a Fuddruckers veggie burger?

Calories 430
Cholesterol (mg) 10
Total Carbs (g) 68
Sugars (g) 6
Protein (g) 15

Does Fuddruckers have grilled chicken?

We offer several choices of premium salads and most can be topped with grilled or crispy chicken.

Are there any Fuddruckers left?

As of September 11, 2020, there were 80 Luby’s and Fuddruckers still in operation.

What kind of buns does Fuddruckers use?

Using fresh baked yeast rolls adds another layer to the tastes of Fuddruckers. Besides the fact of the fixens bar, this is another reason they are some of the best burgers you can eat. Why is the Fuddruckers restaurant chain called Fuddruckers?

What is gluten free at Fuddruckers?

DFW Fuddruckers has great news for gluten – free patrons. You can now enjoy the World’s Greatest Hamburger on a gluten – free bun! All nine Dallas/Fort Worth area Fuddruckers now carry gluten – free buns! The buns, baked by Dallas-based bakery Local Oven, toast like normal Fuddruckers buns and won’t crumble or fall apart.

Does Fuddruckers tater tots?

Tater Tots | Fuddruckers ®

Does Fuddruckers onion rings?

Onion Rings | Fuddruckers ® Regular (5 ounces), Large (10 ounces).

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