Quick Answer: How Many Calories In A Portobello Mushroom Burger?

How many calories are in a mushroom Swiss burger?

Mushroom & Swiss Burger (1 serving) contains 19.2g of carbs, 28g of protein, 35g of fat, and 509 calories.

How healthy is a mushroom burger?

You’ll be adding extra vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients by substituting mushrooms for one-third the beef. Combining lean ground beef with mushrooms will result in each burger containing about 50 less calories, 3 grams less fat and about 20 milligrams less cholesterol than using lean ground beef alone.

How much protein is in a portobello mushroom burger?

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Monounsaturated fat 5 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Dietary fiber 6 g
Protein 9 g

How many calories are in a large mushroom?

There are only 22 calories in portobello mushrooms per 3.5 ounces, according to USDA data. This amount is only 1 percent of a typical 2,000- calorie daily diet for the average adult.

How many calories are in a mushroom Swiss burger without the bun?

Mushroom Swiss Burger No Bun (1 serving) contains 17g of carbs, 9g of protein, 20g of fat, and 450 calories.

What comes on the Mushroom Swiss burger at Whataburger?

The Mushroom Swiss Burger is just a little fancy—but not fussy—and features two fresh, all-beef patties, creamy Au Jus sauce, two slices of cheese, two layers of premium grilled mushrooms and a toasty five-inch bun.

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Which mushroom has the most protein?

White mushrooms are the most protein -dense mushrooms on a per calorie basis, while oyster mushrooms have the most protein on a per weight basis.

Is Mushroom good for weight loss?

As an excellent source of both fiber and protein, mushrooms are particularly useful for plant-based diets. Mushrooms also help to burn fat in the body because their nutrients help to regulate glucose levels in the blood. Their excellent nutritional value will keep you energized and allow you to workout for longer.

Is a mushroom a carb or protein?

Mushrooms are a low- carb, practically no-fat food with some protein. One serving is about a cup raw (a fist-sized amount) or 1/2 cup cooked. Though they’re small and light in calories—one serving only has about 15—they’re mighty in other ways.

How many calories are in a large breakfast mushroom?

Energy: 15 calories

Protein 1.8g
Carbs 0.4g
Fat 0.5g

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