Quick Answer: How Much Is A Mcdonalds Burger?

How much is the cheapest burger at Mcdonalds?

MCDONALD’S — The cheapest burger at my local McDonald’s is the hamburger, at $1.69. The most expensive is the Double Quarter Pounder with bacon and cheese, at $8.

How much is a Big Mac burger in Australia?

In Australia, the average price for a Big Mac comes in at $6.45, ranking at number 25 in the chart of 71 countries.

How much is a McDonald’s cheeseburger in South Africa?

McDonald’s Menu

Menu Item Price (R)
Cheeseburger Meal (extra large) 50.00
Double Cheeseburger (burger only) 29.00
Grand Chicken (burger only) 46.00
Grand Chicken Meal (medium) 60.50


How much is Mcdonalds burger in the Philippines?

McDo Menu (McDonald’s)

Menu Item Price
Cheeseburger (Small) [1] ₱100.00
Cheeseburger (Medium) [1] ₱120.00
Burger Mcdo (Small) [2] ₱86.00
Burger Mcdo (Medium) [2] ₱106.00


What’s the cheapest meal at mcdonalds?

Pair a large fry ($1.89) with the $1 McChicken and you’ll get a 920-calorie meal for less than $3. Another budget -friendly option is a small fry ($1.39) and the Bacon McDouble, a 680-calorie meal for $3.39. For breakfast, pair the $2 Sausage McGriddle with a $1 coffee.

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What is the cheapest meal at mcdonalds?

How to Eat at McDonald’s When You’re Monumentally Broke

Item Price
1 Bacon Cheddar McChicken $1.00
2 Sausage Biscuit $1.00
3 McDouble $1.00
4 McChicken $1.00


How much is a poor man’s Big Mac?

The Poor Man’s Big Mac is a McDouble (a bargain at around $1.49 made up of two burgers and one slice of cheese) with special sauce (that’s the Big Mac Sauce), extra lettuce and no ketchup. You won’t miss the Big Mac’s third bun and hefty price of around $3.99.

Why is McDonald’s so expensive in Australia?

Minimum wage is very high in Australia, meaning people earn more money, meaning people can spend more money, meaning businesses charge what the market will bear. McDonald’s charges what it does because people still buy at these prices.

What is in a Big Mac Australia?

It starts with two 100% Aussie beef patties. Then comes the delicious combination of crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions and pickles, between a toasted sesame seed bun. And don’t forget the McDonald’s special sauce!

How much is a large fry at Mcdonalds 2020?

We included McDonald’s breakfast menu price, McDonald’s meal menu price, McDonald’s catering menu price given below in the chart which you can consider before going to restaurant or order online.

McDonald’s Extra Value Menu Menu and Prices 2021
French Fries $1.89 Large
French Fries $1.39 Small

Does McDonald’s Breakfast end?

What time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast? McDonald’s serves breakfast every day until 11am. It used to switch to the lunchtime menu at 10:30am, but bosses added an extra 30 minutes to the breakfast offering in 2019.

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Can you order mcdonalds to collect?

Collecting from Drive Thru You will now be able to collect your first and subsequent orders from Drive Thru. You no longer need to collect this first order from in store.

What’s the best food at mcdonalds?

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon.
  • Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Price: $5.39.
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe. Price: $5.79.
  • Big Mac. Price: $4.99.
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Price: $5.19.
  • Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Price: $5.49.
  • Filet-O-Fish. Price: $4.79.
  • Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Price: $6.29.

What is McDonald’s new burger called?

In a conference call today, McDonald’s announced its own plant-based burger, which has been dubbed the “McPlant.” The burger is created “by McDonald’s and for McDonald’s,” International President Ian Borden said. The McPlant will be added to menus in 2021.

What is the newest burger at Mcdonalds?

The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich will be available at participating restaurants nationwide via carry-out, Drive Thru, the McDonald’s app or McDelivery.

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