Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Burger?

What is the full meaning of burger?

Definition. Options. Rating. BURGER. Boys Undergoing Rigorous Genius Exposés Regularily.

What is the English meaning of burger?

noun. a hamburger. a food patty, or patty on a bun, containing ingredients other than beef: veggie or turkey burgers.

What is the meaning of burger in Oxford dictionary?

beef cut into small pieces and made into a flat round shape that is then fried, often served in a bread roll.

What is another word for burger?

What is another word for burger?

ground beef mince
hamburger hamburger patty
hamburger sandwich hamburger steak
mince steak beefburger
cheeseburger chopped beefsteak


What does Burger mean in German?

Bürger m (genitive Bürgers, plural Bürger, female Bürgerin) citizen, inhabitant, resident; legally recognized inhabitant of a city or state. bourgeois, burgher, member of the middle class.

Who is a burger person?

” Burger “, once a pejorative that denoted someone young, spoilt, and rich, has evolved into a catchall phrase for a newly-politicised youth who support Imran Khan’s PTI party [Sanam Maher/Al Jazeera]

What means pizza?

: a dish made typically of flattened bread dough spread with a savory mixture usually including tomatoes and cheese and often other toppings and baked. — called also pizza pie.

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What is the difference between sandwich and burger?

The main difference between the two is that a sandwich is prepared by placing the filling of vegetables and meat between two bread slices (preferably flatbread), while a burger is cooked by putting the fillings between a bun that has been sliced into two.

What is Burger Boy?

Pakistan. The term burgers or burger class was coined by Omar Sharif (stand up comedian) in 90s in one of his popular stage shows. It refers to bourgeois who have no idea about Pakistani culture.

What is the most famous burger?

The data found that the Double Double from In-N-Out and the Hamburger from Five Guys tie as the most popular fast-food burgers in the U.S., with both burgers earning votes from 15 states each. The Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys followed close behind, earning votes from 15 states.

What is the best type of burger?

The tasters declared ground chuck to be the best meat for burgers, on the grounds that it’s tender, rich in flavor, and moist. #SpoonTip: Ground chuck is a cut of meat that comes from the front shoulder of the cow and normally has about 15-20% fat. This high fat content is ground chuck’s secret to being so delicious.

What are the best fast food burgers?

Here are the top 10 burgers selected by the people.

  1. In-N-Out Double Double. Flickr/punctuated.
  2. Five Guys hamburger. Flickr/Greg Holland.
  3. Five Guys’ bacon cheeseburger.
  4. Whataburger “Original Whataburger”
  5. Burger King “Whopper”
  6. Wendy’s “Baconator”
  7. Fuddruckers’ “The Original Fudds”
  8. Wendy’s “1/4 lb Single”

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