Readers ask: How Many Calories In A Zinger Tower Burger?

How many calories are in a KFC Zinger Tower Burger?

There are 742 calories in 1 burger of KFC Zinger Tower Burger.

How many calories are in a wicked Zinger Tower meal?

845 Calories

Fat 38.6 g
Carbs 86.9 g
Protein 34 g

How many calories are in a KFC Tower?

620 Calories

Fat 28 g
Carbs 58.4 g
Protein 33.5 g

Is a zinger burger healthy?

Oooh yeah!” The Zinger Stacker Burger packs in 3013kJ of energy, 37.2g of fat, 55.7g of carbs, 12.9g of sugars and 2285mg of sodium. It has 54.9g of protein. What to eat instead: All of KFCs burgers are pretty out there – their patties are battered and deep fried with no grilled chicken options to choose from.

How much is a KFC Zinger Tower Burger?

KFC UK Menu Prices

Food Price
Fillet £4.79
Zinger £4.79
Fillet Tower £4.99
Zinger Tower £4.89
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How many calories does KFC fries have?

KFC Medium French Fries Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 311g
Calories 820
Calories From Fat 360
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 40g 62%


Does the Zinger Tower Burger have mayo?

Order a Zinger Tower burger without the mayo and salsa, a Mini Fillet burger without the mayo, a pot of gravy and the Garlic Mayo dip. Remove the top bap of the Zinger Tower burger and immediately remove all contents, including the hashbrown and cheese to ensure it doesn’t melt onto the Zinger Fillet.

How many calories are in a zinger stacker box meal?

1280 Calories

Fat 61.7 g
Carbs 110.3 g
Protein 67.6 g

What sauce is on a Zinger Tower Burger?

Zinger ® Tower Meal. Our 100% chicken breast Fillet burger with a spicy crunch, topped with hashbrown, cheese and fiery salsa. The big burger with the spine-tingling Zing. With regular fries and a drink.

How many calories is a tower burger?

There are 618 calories in 1 serving of KFC Fillet Tower Burger.

How many calories is in KFC chicken?

KFC Nutrition

Food Calories Cholesterol
Original Recipe Chicken – Whole 120 50mg
Original Recipe Chicken -Breast without skin or breading 160 85mg
Spicy Crispy – Breast 420 110mg
Spicy Crispy – Drumstick 160 50mg


How many calories are in a KFC box burger meal?

1045 Calories

Fat 46.2 g
Carbs 97.4 g
Protein 57.3 g

Is Grilled healthier than McDonald’s?

Grill ‘d vs McDonald’s The New Daily compared the nutritional content in the Grill ‘d and McDonald’s standard burger and chips, and the results may surprise you. The Grill ‘d burger is worse in every nutritional category including fat and sugars, and contains half the recommended daily intake of salt.

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How can I get healthy at KFC?

  1. KFC Famous Bowl (Snack Size) + House Side Salad.
  2. Chicken Littles Sandwich + House Side Salad.
  3. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Thigh + House Side Salad + Green Beans.
  4. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast + House Side Salad + Corn on the Cob.
  5. Original Recipe Chicken Breast (w/o skin or breading) + House Side Salad + Corn on the Cob.

Is KFC chicken healthy?

KFC: Healthiest If you want chicken at KFC but want to keep it healthy, go with their Kentucky Grilled Chicken. A breast contains 210 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 130 milligrams of cholesterol, and 710 milligrams of sodium.

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