Readers ask: How Many Litres Of Water To Make A Beef Burger?

How much water does it take to make a beef burger?

To make a burger, first you need 660 gallons of water

  1. A 1/3-pound burger requires 660 gallons of water.
  2. 1 pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water, which includes irrigation of the grains and grasses in feed, plus water for drinking and processing.
  3. 1 slice of bread requires 11 gallons of water.

How many Litres of water does it take to produce 1kg of beef?

Earlier research by CSIRO in Australia estimated that it takes 50,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef, but only 1,010 litres to produce 1kg of wheat, 2,200 for soybeans and 2,385 for rice. All values discussed so far have been litres per kilogram.

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How many Litres of water does it take to make a burger bun?

A 1 oz. (30 gram) slice of bread has a VWC calculated by Hoekstra and Chapagain of 10.6 gallons (40 liters ), so the two halves of your hamburger bun would take approximately 21.2 gallons. If that sounds like a lot, consider that the bun may have sesame seeds on it.

How much water does a burger waste?

A 2011 study carried out by scientists from Oxford University and the University of Amsterdam found that “clean meat,” or cultured meat, can potentially be produced with 96 percent lower water use than conventional meat. That means that one pound of clean meat would use up to 100 gallons of water.

How many gallons of water go into a burger?

Table 1. Food Products

Steak (beef) 6 ounces 674 gallons
Hamburger 1 (includes bread, meat, lettuce, tomato) 660 gallons
Ham (pork) 3 ounces 135 gallons
Eggs 1 egg 52 gallons
Soda 17 ounces 46 gallons

How many gallons of water does it take to make a pound of beef?

Shock is reasonable after discovering that the global average water footprint – or the total amount of water needed – to produce one pound of beef is 1,799 gallons of water; one pound of pork takes 576 gallons of water.

How much water does it take to make 1kg of sugar?

It takes about 210 litres of water to produce 1 kg of sugar cane. About 87% of this amount is allocated to the sugar that is derived from the sugar cane; the rest is attributed to by-products.

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How much grain does it take to produce 1kg of beef?

Livestock is reared on grain -feed, making production heavily resource intensive. Indeed, it takes 7 kilograms of grain to produce just 1 kilogram of meat.

How much water does it take to produce a kilo of meat?

In support of that point it quoted the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers, as saying one “ kilogram of meat requires between 5000 and 20,000 litres of water to produce, while one kilogram of wheat requires between 500 and 4000 litres of water ”.

How many liters of water does it take to produce a kilogram of rice?

On average, about 2,500 liters of water need to be supplied (by rainfall and/or irrigation) to a rice field to produce 1 kg of rough rice. These 2,500 liters account for all the outflows of evapotranspiration, seepage, and percolation.

How many Litres is a pizza?

Pizza – 1,216 litres of water. Jeans – 9,982 litres of water. Shoes – 8,547 litres of water. T-Shirt – 2,495 litres of water.

How much water does it take to make a pound of chicken?

A pound of chicken takes 518 gallons of water to produce.

How much water does it take to make a pair of jeans?

Clothing. To create a pair of blue jeans, about 1,800 gallons of water are needed just to grow enough cotton for one pair. To grow enough cotton to create one t-shirt, 400 gallons of water are consumed.

How much land does it take to produce a pound of beef?

According to the U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification, it takes up to 10 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and in the United States alone, 56 million acres of land are used to grow feed for animals, while only 4 million acres are producing plants for humans to eat.

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How much water is needed to raise a cow?

A nonlactating cow or bull needs one gallon of water per 100 pounds of body weight. As an example, spring-calving cows will need close to 20 to 24 gallons of water per day for themselves and another 5 to 10 gallons for their calf in these high temperature environmental conditions.

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