Readers ask: What Is A Parmo Burger?

Why is it called a Parmo?

Parmo, or Teesside Parmesan, is a dish originating in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, and a popular item of take-away food in the Teesside area. The name of the dish is a reference to the dish chicken parmigiana, which is made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Can you get a Parmo in London?

No matter: the parmo is a beautiful, bountiful thing and it’s a sad reflection on London that it can only be found in three locations. The first, and most prominent, is the Parm Star van, which recently won the best main dish at the British Street Food awards.

Who invented the Teesside parmo?

The Parmo is thought to have been invented by army chef Nicos Harris who first served it at his Middlesbrough restaurant in 1958.

How many carbs are in Parmo chicken?

Chicken Parmo (1 serving) contains 12g of carbs, 16g of protein, 4.8g of fat, and 154.2 calories.

Is chicken parmigiana Australian?

Chicken parmigiana was known in Australia by the 1950s. It was offered in restaurants in Adelaide as early as 1953. It is regularly served as a main meal throughout Australia, where it is considered a staple of pub food.

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What does parmigiana mean in Italian?

While ” parmigiana ” means “from Parma” (in Northern Italy), the dish is not part of Parma food. It is based on melanzane alla parmigiana (alt. parmigiana di melanzane) or eggplant parmigiana (or eggplant Parmesan), a classic Southern Italian dish. The veal dish is known in Italian as Cotolette alla Bolognese.

What are some London dishes?

Warning: These delicious 7 traditional British dishes will make you very hungry.

  • Fish and Chips.
  • Bangers and Mash.
  • Full English Breakfast.
  • Sunday Roast.
  • Toad in the Hole.
  • Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie.
  • Steak and Kidney Pie.

When was the first Parmo made?

He was wounded in France but was treated in a British hospital. Long family tradition – Caramello. Eventually, he moved to Middlesbrough and opened a restaurant on Linthorpe Road where he created the Parmo at The American Grill in 1958.

Where can I buy a Parmo in Middlesbrough?

Best places to grab a parmo

  • Central Park. Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough.
  • G’s Golden Chippy. Otterburn Gardens, Middlesbrough.
  • Borge, Yarm Lane, Stockton-On-Tees.
  • Avtar’s Golden Fry. Lealholm Crescent, Middlesbrough.
  • The Green Room. Borough Road, Middlesbrough.

What is a Parmo pizza pie?

Shortcrust Pastry Case loaded with Breaded Chicken Breast Pieces, smothered with a rich Bechamel Sauce, seasoned with Chilli and topped with grated Cheddar Cheese.

How many calories are in a chicken Parmo takeaway?

Just like most takeaway food, it is a bit over the top but that’s why chicken parmos are loved in Middlesbrough and the surrounding area. They are the unhealthy option that the young love and order often and the old (like me) wish they could. Some estimates have said that a chicken parmo has over 2000 calories in it.

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How many calories are in a half Parmo chicken?

Calories in Chicken Parmo

Calories 1,535.0
Polyunsaturated Fat 22.7 g
Monounsaturated Fat 18.1 g
Cholesterol 377.8 mg
Sodium 663.9 mg

How many calories are in a serving of chicken parmesan?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 567 (2374 kJ)
Total Fat 33.7 g 52%
Saturated Fat 12.5 g 63%
Cholesterol 126 mg 42%
Sodium 966 mg 40%

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